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I am a software engineer currently working for Google. I am really passionate about systems programming, kernel development, and cloud technologies.

I am really fascinated by the vast realm of applications of Computer Science in today's world. I believe that CS is a means to an end rather than being an end in itself. Hence, I enjoy innovating and applying my knowledge to real-world situations and solving complex problems.

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Ayush Ranjan
Name : Ayush Ranjan
Email : ayushranjan@google.com
University : University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Major : Computer Science and Mathematics
Minor : Business
Graduated In : May 2020
Interests : Software Development, Systems, Infrastructure, Soccer


It is always a thrilling experience to creatively apply what I know or have learned in class to solve real world problems. These internships really broadened my experience in the field and bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

  • Software Engineer

    JUNE 2020 - PRESENT

    Google | Cloud

    Part of the gVisor team.

  • Software Engineering Intern


    Facebook | Stories

    Worked in the Facebook Stories organisation in Menlo Park. Implemented and public tested multiple features. Helped in getting story views, server, and client performance metrics up for a major feature and launching it. Held a leadership role in implementing some Better Engineering tasks through the entire Stories org. Took initiatives in fixing features and being on-call when needed. Automated some time-consuming cleanup work which helped delete 24% of a certain section of Facebook's codebase.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    MAY - AUGUST 2019

    Google | Cloud

    Worked with the gVisor team. Built an ext2/3/4 readonly filesystem driver for gVisor’s user space kernel that will enable containers to directly talk to the underlying device without using the host filesystem driver. This enhances security by reducing the host kernel surface being exposed to untrusted code. It also enhances performance by avoiding expensive RPCs to Gofers (trusted processes which handle filesystem operations). It performed 13x faster than existing user-space ext4 readonly drivers.

  • Software Dev & Data Science Intern

    MAY - AUGUST 2018

    Emergent Trading & Typenex Medicals

    Worked full-time as a core Software Development and Data Science Intern. Helped in building and maintaining the trading platform infrastructure. Built a high performance generic server using ASIO, Tbb and Protobuf in C++ and a similar generic client in C# which are being used in many of their applications. Also built an intelligent Order Management System. Simultaneously worked on a time series analysis project.

  • Software Dev Intern

    JANUARY - MAY 2018

    Country Financial Digital Labs

    Worked as a software developer for this US based insurance and financial services company. I had the opportunity to lead two projects. For the first project we built an iPad app using Xcode and Firebase for the backend. This gave me significant exposure to iOS development. The second project was developing a mobile app using React Native for Android and iOS which gave me experience in working with React to build cross-platform apps.

  • Freelance Developer


    BioEnable India Ltd.

    Provided my freelance android app development services to BioEnable and worked on a solo project directly under the Managing Director of BioEnable. Built an Android app from scratch which uses Google Cloud Vision API to analyze images of checks and extracts important information from it. Used technologies like Firebase and Google Mobile Vision API.

Course Staff

Over the years I have actively involved myself in teaching CS related courses. I really enjoy being part of course staff because I get to help so many students, learn so much from other staff members, gain a deeper understanding of the course and gain experience in other related areas too, like infrastructure, assignment preparation, grading and holding office hours. It has always been an enlightening experience!

  • System Programming

    AUGUST 2018 - MAY 2020

    CS 241

    Had the opportunity to be the infrastructure lead for CS 241 (System Programming). This course is geared towards teaching system programming concepts like threading, networking, memory management, virtualization, IPC, and synchronization. My responsibilities include leading the infra team in building and maintaining a sustainable, scalable and stable autograder. Coming up with projects and working on them along with the team. Conducting weekly review sessions and holding office hours to help students in understanding concepts and completing assignments.

  • Software Design Studio

    JANUARY - MAY 2018

    CS 126

    Had the opportunity to be a course moderator for CS 126 (Software Design Studio). My responsibilities included holding a 2-hr code review session for students assigned to me every week and grading them along with holding weekly office hours. In the code-review sessions, we reviewed everyone's code based on style, format, methodology, structure, and modularization.

  • CS Freshman Honors

    JANUARY - MAY 2018

    CS 196 - 25

    Had the opportunity to be a course assistant for CS 196 - 25 (Freshman Honors Course). A colleague and I were appointed the project managers for a group of students. My responsibilities included holding weekly team meetings and guiding the team in building their project and deploying it.

  • Intro to Computer Science

    JANUARY - MAY 2017

    CS 125

    Had the opportunity to be a course assistant for CS 125 (Introduction to Computer Science). I held office hours for students weekly for doubt clarification and revision. I also was in charge for a weekly lab section where we guided and taught students the material provided by the professor. This course was taught in Java.




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This section describes my skills in various areas of Computer Science. It also contains important CS courses I have studied and areas I am familiar with.
My programming language skills are displayed below.

Programming Languages

Here is a visual depiction of my programming language skills. This is NOT to scale and has been included with the intention of displaying my relative strength / knowledge in each language.

This depiction in no way is a claim that I know the following percentage of each language. My apologies if this offends anyone's ideas or opinions.

Java Script


This section holds the details about my educational background.

  • University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

    2016 - 2020


    I graduated with highest distinction (Summa Cum Laude) with a BSc. Mathematics and Computer Science degree along with a minor in Business. I was honoured with the Bronze Tablet Award.
    To gain hands-on experience, I did technical internships, actively participated in Hackathons hosted by various universities, worked on personal projects, and held course staff positions for some CS classes. I am also an active player in inter-mural soccer.

    Grauation : May 2020
    Cumulaive GPA : 3.97/4
    Credit Hours Earned : 141
  • Chinmaya International Residential School - India

    2008 - 2016

    High School

    This boarding school was my home for 8 years through my Middle and High School. I pursued the CBSE board from standard 5 - 10 after which I transferred to International Baccalaureate (IB Board) for 11th and 12th.
    I was a senior council member, football school team member, school topper (2016), recipient of Chinmaya Gaurav Award and recipient of academic scholarships (2013-2016).

    Graduation : May 2016
    Score : 44 / 45 IB Points
    Class Rank : 1 / 15

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